Celebration of the 100th Centennial of Teddy Roosevelt’s Gardens Speech

June 04, 2017

The Forest Hills Gardens Foundation (aka the Forest Hills Gardens Taxpayers Association) is proud to announce a celebration and lecture to honor the centennial of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Station Square speech and Flagpole Green review of the troops. The speech by the then-former President itself was a vigorous plea for the US to get involved in World War I and a strong condemnation of the Conscientious Objectors of the time. A link to silent footage of the speech and review can be found here, maintained by the Library of Congress: https://www.loc.gov/item/mp76000174/

The speech and review in 1917 took place on the 4th of July, but our celebration will be on Sunday, June 4th to be more convenient for Gardens residents as July 4th falls on a Tuesday.

The presenters for this celebration will be Jeff Gottlieb and William Coleman. Gottlieb is a historian the founder and past President of the Central Queens Historical Association as well as served on 4 other historical societies and Boards. He has also published various articles on Roosevelt and presented lectures and walking tours on our, and other historical communities.
Coleman is a published scholar, a long-time Gardens resident, a former FHGC Board member and the current President and driving force behind the Forest Hills Gardens Foundation.

The Celebration will be at 3:00 pm at the Community House in Forest Hills Gardens, on Borage Place.

Event Details:

  • Celebration of the 100th Centennial of Teddy Roosevelt’s Gardens Speech
  • Hosted by: Jeff Gottlieb and William Coleman
  • June 04, 2017, 2:00 pm
  • The Community House
    15 Borage Pl, Forest Hills, NY