Celebrating the Sage Foundations’ Gift to the Gardens After 90 Years, article by Michael Perlman

by FHG Foundation (posted from other sources)

Story as it appeared in the Queens Ledger: as it appeared in the Queens Ledger

An excerpt:

Nestled behind a trestle on Continental Avenue, steps away from the Austin Street business district, is the country’s earliest planned garden community.

When entering the 175-acre Forest Hills Gardens, one may think they are in an old English suburb. At Station Square and the towering Forest Hills Inn, four sectioned archways lead to winding streets and private parks. There are greater than 800 stately homes, 11 regal apartment houses, churches, and the West Side Tennis Club.

Development began in 1909, when the Russell Sage Foundation purchased land from the Cord Meyer Development Company. Architect Grosvenor Atterbury and Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. were appointed to design what became an internationally recognized model of urban planning, inspired by Sir Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City Movement.

On June 2, the Forest Hills Gardens Taxpayers Association hosted “A Thanksgiving To The Russell Sage Foundation” and “A Celebration To Our Founding Documents” at The Community House. Nearly 100 residents participated in a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the covenants and restrictions that has preserved Forest Hills Gardens since 1913.


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